12. In case of any ambiguity in interpretation of any of the instructions/ terms/rules/criteria regarding the determination of eligibility/conduct of examinations/registration of candidates/information contained herein, the interpretation of National Board of Examinations will be final and binding.
13. Requests are not entertained for change in date/ examination centre. Candidates are advised not to canvass for or submit such requests.
14. Absentees from the examination will forfeit their examination fee.
15. Result for DNB-CET shall be available on the website www.cet.natboard.edu.in
16. Candidates MUST bring to the test centre the following documents. Unfair means case shall be registered against the candidates submitting false/ forged documents:

i. Printed copy of the Admit Card with photo pasted on it. AND
ii. Photocopy of the Permanent or Provisional SMC/MCI registration*, to be retained by the test centre AND
iii. Any one of the following authorised photo IDs** (must be original and non-expired):

PAN card/Driving licence/Voter ID/Passport/Aadhar Card(with photograph)

*Candidates who have obtained their Primary Medical Qualification outside India and do not have SMC/MCI registration should bring their original screening test pass certificate issued on NBE letterhead.

**The name on photo identification must match the name as shown on Admit Card. If the name has been changed due to events such as marriage, candidate must show the relevant document mentioned below at the time of the exam.

• Marriage Certificate
• Divorce Decree
• Legal Name Change Document

The examination test centre staff on duty is authorized to verify the identity of candidates and may take steps to verify and record the identity of candidates. Candidates are required to extend requisite cooperation.

17. Candidates should ensure before applying for the registration that their MBBS degree is recognized as per provisions of Indian Medical Council Act. If it is found at any time that MBBS degree is not recognized, the candidature/result shall be cancelled/ deemed to be cancelled.
18. All the correspondence should preferably be addressed by e-mail. The e-mail query shall be addressed only if it is not anonymous and contains the name, postal address and contact telephone number of the sender. An e-mail containing vague or general queries that are contained in the Information Bulletin shall not be entertained. Queries shall not be entertained from person claiming themselves to be representative, associates or officiates of the applicant candidate. The following information shall not be revealed by phone or email:

a. Internal documentation /status.

b. Internal Decision making process of National Board of Examinations

c. Any claim /counter claim thereof.

d. Dates & venue of internal meetings or name of the staff/officers dealing.

e. Any information which in the opinion of NBE cannot be revealed.