19. Terms & Conditions of the DNB-CET as mentioned in the English version of information bulletin shall apply.
The DNB-CET shall be conducted by NBE at test centres engaged for the purpose. Candidates will be able to schedule their exams based on the availability of test centre on the date, time and venue of their choice. Candidates are advised to familiarize themselves with the route and location of the test centre; location maps for all test centres are available on the website.
21. Candidates are advised to browse www.cet.natboard.edu.in regularly for various information and notices pertaining to DNB-CET.
22. A Demo test shall be available for the benefit of candidates to familiarize themselves with the Computer Based Testing format at website http://cet.natboard.edu.in/.  Applicants will be able to access the demo test in June 2016 on entering their Testing ID (issued upon completion of Registration & Scheduling process).
23. Candidates kindly note that by registering for the DNB-CET, they are covered by Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA); as per NDA candidates cannot disclose any question or contents of question paper in part or otherwise with any person or party or website or such other media/publication. No content of this test must be shared with friends, acquaintances or third parties including sharing through online means or via social media. Social media includes but not limited to SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Hangouts, Blogs etc using either one’s own account or proxy account(s). Any act in breach of the NDA shall be liable for penal action as per law, kindly note that this is a punishable offence and shall lead to cancellation of candidature at the bare threshold.
24. The candidate is deemed to have read, agreed and accepted the Information Bulletin and the terms and conditions in the information bulletin for DNB-CET on completing the registration form the candidate.
Each candidate can schedule and appear in DNB-CET July 2016 once only. Any candidate found to register and/or appeared more than once in DNB-CET July 2016 shall be automatically debarred from the exam. His/her candidature shall be cancelled and further action as deemed appropriate by NBE shall be taken.
26. Only Bonafide applicants are allowed to appear in the exam, NBE reserves its rights to take action as deemed appropriate against the applicants who are not bonafide admission seekers to DNB program.
27. Candidates already pursuing DNB program are not eligible to appear in the DNB CET.
28. The jurisdiction for court cases/disputes shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts at Delhi/New Delhi only.